The Schork Report is uniquely positioned as an information clearinghouse for the energy industry.
Our clients represent a broad cross section of the market sectors, from speculators through end-users. This provides us with a true pulse on the factors driving energy prices and the trends for consumer demand.

The letter's mission is to provide clients the benefits from a reliable range of tangibles -- daily reports that include a "game plan" on how to approach each trading day, commentary and analysis illustrating key supply/demand factors driving energy prices, and long-range price forecasts.

The Schork Report presents an objective view of the most needed information in an easy-to-read format -- providing comprehensive technical and fundamental daily views of the energy cash and financial markets

The reliability of The Schork Report's "Trading Bias" demonstrates our in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and our technical expertise to determine complex correlations between cost drivers and price action. Our subscribers value the marketable edge provided by the cross-commodity correlations in the daily commentary.