The Schork Report is intended to be used as a briefing tool, complemented by the accessibility of our editorial and trading staff to provide further detail tailored to your business needs.
Our team continuously monitors pricing relationships in global commodity markets including intra-commodity spreads (calendar spreads), inter-commodity spreads (spreads between related commodities), geographical price relationships, and basis price relationships (cash vs.. futures). We maintain comprehensive databases recording historical and seasonal information, including the analysis of the behavior of a price series during given time intervals.

Each of the daily reports has a distinctive focus.
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Commitment of
Traders/Rig Counts
Economic Theory/
Analysis of Geopolitical Events
Economic Theory/
Analysis of Geopolitical Events

  • TSR provides each client with a commercially oriented, marketable edge over the competition.

  • TSR analyzes the economic impact of geopolitical events on market activity to determine complex correlations between cost drivers and price action.

  • TSR identifies trading and hedging opportunities by alternately applying fundamental and technical strategies as determined by fluid economic indicators.

  • TSR integrates a vast array of information into a market view presented in a succinct format.

  • TSR is published daily and disseminated via e-mail by 2am EST.